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    Akira Kurosawa cutting

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    Now this is what I call a “Good Friday.”

  4. Art Blakey
    [l to r] Jymie Merritt, Lee Morgan and Wayne Shorter
    [l to r] Lee Morgan and Wayne Shorter
    Walter Davis Jr.
    [l to r] Lee Morgan, Jymie Merritt and Wayne Shorter
    [l to r] Lee Morgan, Jymie Merritt and Wayne Shorter


    Art Blakey & the Jazz Messengers performing live at Concertgebouw in Amsterdam, November 14 and 15 1959  (photos by Herbert Behrens)

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    Pool Parlor by Jacob Lawrence, 1942.

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    Common People by Jamie Hewlett.

    This rare seen comic is an illustration of the lyrics from the 1995 Pulp song Common People. It came with the French edition of the single. It was never sold seperately.
    Source: PulpWiki

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    This guy forver.

    Common People still reminds me of the trick nut shots compilation from jackass 2

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    Yoda by Michael Whelan

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    Neighborhood Watch

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    I drew this comic/illustration for the New York Times ‘Private Lives’ series in the Opinion section today, for a story about a daughter learning about her father’s Parkinson’s disease that you can read here.

    Thanks to AD Nathan Huang!

    Lilli Carré